Fire Compliance – Latest Legislation Webinar 27th January 2023 10am

Westworks Members are kindly invited to an upcoming webinar hosted by Ventro UK.

On January 23rd 2023, new legislation is enacted for all multi-occupied residential buildings in England with storeys over 11 metres in height. The Grenfell Tower enquiry Phase 1 reported that “Fire doors play an essential role in preventing or inhibiting the spread of smoke and toxic gases and in preserving the effective compartmentation of buildings.” In this webinar, Ventro will cover the new legislation and what it means for you as a responsible person. The legislation coming into effect will also include information on how to deepen residents’ knowledge and understanding of their role in keeping their buildings safe.

Key Topics:

  • Minimum requirements for inspections of fire doors
  • Information responsible persons should give to residents
  • Checks of fire doors in buildings below 11 metres
  • What is required from Responsible Persons
  • New laws on multi-occupied residential buildings

Key Speakers to be announced shortly!

Sign up or book a recap if you cannot make the event but would like to speak to a consultant via the links below.