Westworks is a Cabinet Office backed consortium providing pre-tendered works, services and supplies to the public sector. Members are made up of a continually expanding group of public sector bodies from housing associations to local authorities, government departments and charities. Westworks provide members a route to market for their projects that ensures compliance with the relevant contract regulations, providing the best value materials and services in a timely manner. It does not matter what size organisation you are, you can take advantage of being part of one of the largest groups in the sector.

Westworks is part of the ‘Collaboration’ group of consortia, working together to bring further economic and social efficiencies and value to our combined users. ‘Collaboration’ is currently made up of Westworks, Efficiency East Midlands, South East Consortium and Advantage Southwest, the DPS’ and frameworks are available for members of all consortia to use. This means that Westworks is able to provide access to compliant arrangements for projects throughout all of England and Wales.


Westworks solutions are procured in accordance with Public Contract Regulations (2015) and applicable EU Directives. Access to and management of call-off contracts is managed and supported by Westworks to ensure complete compliance and the maintenance of a full audit trail (which can be accessed by you and your auditors).


Westworks greatly encourage the use of SMEs, where appropriate. There is no cost to suppliers to join Westworks DPS and they are open to all who are able to demonstrate the required level of competence. We ask all suppliers to specify which postcodes they are able to deliver in and use this information to invite appropriate suppliers to individual mini-competitions. This means member have access to greater local provision than ever before.

Value for Money

Access to a Westworks DPS is through mini-competition only. This maintains competitive tension and ensures that members receive input from approved suppliers specifically targeted to their requirement.

Westworks and it's Collaboration partners are not-for-profit organisations, wholly owned by their members. See individual DPS/framework pages for details of fees.

Why Westworks?

Westworks will support you through your use of our solutions, from the development of your requirement to the delivery of your project.

Often the formation of new contracts can present challenges which require development of new skills and strengthening of old ones. By assisting where appropriate, providing training where necessary and monitoring performance, Westworks works with your teams to ensure effective and consistent delivery. As we have a broad overview of all contracts called off from our solutions, we are able to identify areas for attention and provide early warning, give support where required and take action to ensure providers are delivering a consistently high service.

We can also provide templates and training, to support your teams in accessing what you need to deliver to your customers.

There is no cost to become a member of Westworks and membership gives access to all Westworks arrangements and those of our collaborating sister consortia. This means by being a Westworks member you have free access to a very wide scope of pre-procured solutions. You can use Westworks for long term contracts and partnerships to small individual projects, they can all be accommodated under the arrangements.

All of Westworks’ suppliers are asked to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility contribution and members are encouraged to draw upon this considerable resource through the mini-competition process.

At Westworks we recognise the importance of innovation across the built environment. There is provision for Off Site Manufacturing/Modern Methods of Construction to be utilised across our DPS. Through our approved suppliers we have access to a range of innovative offerings which we share with our membership. We also have a program of education to ensure that members are aware of emerging technologies and how they can best make use of novel ideas/methods.

Key to all Westworks solutions is the recognition that it has a responsibility to procure the works, services and products that have the least impact on our environment as possible.

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